Digital Media Centre - Auckland New Zealand
Digital Media Centre - Auckland New Zealand

Rushes and dailies backup and archive

When choosing how you process and backup your rushes the one question to ask is:
 Can I afford to re-shoot?
  Hard drive failures can make or break even the smallest productions, so the small savings made by backing up to an external hard drive involve some big risks.

Backed by NZFact accreditation the Digital Media Centre has been safely backing up camera data for top local and international Film and TV projects for over six years, as digital camera formats came into widespread use.

Rushes and dailies - buttonLTO archival is the most affordable and safest way to ensure your original camera data is safe and retrievable. Data verified and safely backed up, your camera rushes will be stored in our secure, dedicated archive facility – which is the official archive facility for many major New Zealand production companies.

Whether you’re editing on Final Cut Pro or Avid, we can create offline files ready for you to edit in the format you need, as well as any dailies / viewing copies you need, in any format you need. Whether it’s DVDs, compressed video files, or online viewing files – we are the safest place to process your rushes.

We have pricing options per day, per hour or per gigabyte, so you only need to pay for what you shoot, and you get peace of mind for free.

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