Digital Media Centre - Auckland New Zealand
Digital Media Centre - Auckland New Zealand

Digital Cinema Package - Creation & Encryption

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Creation

Trust your film to one of the most experienced DCP (Digital Cinema Package) creation facilities in New Zealand.
  When you finally get your precious film to the screening stage, it doesn’t pay to take risks when creating the DCP file for cinema release or festivals.

Digital Cinema Package Creation

The Digital Media Centre has been creating DCP’s for New Zealand’s top feature films and shorts since the format became widespread in 2010.  We can generate encrypted DCPs and deliver an encryption unlock key (KDM) directly to the cinema to prevent unauthorised use.

We are experts in KDM creation and management and regularly deliver DCPs & KDMs to cinemas throughout New Zealand and around the world. – Giving you peace of mind knowing your DCP will be able to be played securely in any cinema throughout the world.

For smaller cinema releases we can also create afford-ably priced e-cinema files.

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Film titles we have created DCP’s for:


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